Plant-based, vegan food, or free from animals! No matter how you say it, our focus is on cooking, developing, and pushing plants. For the animals, for our health, and for our amazing planet!



Our experience comes from a lifetime of working in kitchens, owning restaurants, catering events, teaching cooking classes and working on veggie farms. We’re now crafting and creating 100% delicious plant-based foods for mainstream markets, leading with taste without compromise.

It hasn’t always been easy for those who want to reduce or exclude meat from their diets. Heck, for the longest time most restaurants and supermarkets only had salads as the vegan food option. We used to have to make compromises when eating out and if you wanted something on the go, fuhgeddaboudit! Often the only thing we could choose in a mainstream retailer was a falafel wrap or salad. We couldn’t take it anymore, so we developed Wicked! We will continue to challenge the old ways and deliver the best plant-based foods possible.


We wake up every day to practice our craft and try to be a better company than we were the day before. We’ll never be perfect but that won’t stop us from working towards setting the standard of excellence in taste, quality, compassion, and sustainability. We’re working our very hardest to create options that are free from animals within a system built around using them for centuries. We believe there is a better way, a plant-based way! We’re also working towards utilizing the newest developments in products and packaging standards as they come available.
We’ll always be upfront and never pretend to be something we’re not. We are a work in progress and our aim is to continuously improve and do better, every single day.


Since launching Wicked Kitchen we’ve seen the market explode not long after. Being first to market in an industry constantly changing was a feat. The thing we have on our side is we know this isn’t a trend – the pent-up demand for amazing vegan food was there all along.
vegan food press
vegan food press


To date, we’ve sold more than 10 million Wicked Kitchen products, that is 10 million meals without the use of animals. As great as that is, billions of animals are killed each year. We are proud of the impact we are having so far, but we are nowhere near stopping.
vegan food products
vegan food brownie


What about packaging?

We care very much about the environment and understand the concerns around plastic. We strive to find the best packaging solutions for our products. For more info on how we’re working with Tesco on packaging commitments read more here

What about Palm Oil?

We work closely with leading environmental NGOs, such as WWF, to understand the complex challenges associated with the sourcing of palm oil. For example, please see WWF’s position on the importance of supporting sustainable palm oil by clicking here.

WWF encourages retailers and manufacturers to purchase certified sustainable palm oil produced according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards. All palm oil used in our Tesco UK own-brand products, including our new Wicked Kitchen Range, is required to be RSPO certified. (additional – things to know about palm oil)

For more information about how we are contributing to support sustainable palm oil production, please see our website.

What is the Wicked Kitchen and Wicked Healthy relationship?

We get asked this question a lot ‘what is the difference between the two?’, here is our simple explanation.

Wicked Healthy is the website, blog and YouTube channel we’ve built to share recipes, techniques, and tips on how to live more of a plant-based lifestyle from a culinary point of view. Our mission is to help people cook and eat more plants. Our overall food philosophy is simple: Shoot for 80% Healthy and 20% Wicked!

Wicked Kitchen is the pioneer, chef-crafted 100% plant-based brand we launched in 2017, developed in collaboration with Tesco. Unleashing the mighty flavors of plants!

Why Plant-Based?

For us it’s personal! We do it out of compassion for animals, it’s our moral obligation. We don’t believe we need to eat animals anymore. Any and every reason to eat more plants is a good one!
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